Training Information

The 21st century work environment is a place with as many pitfalls as opportunities. For every tool capable of streamlining your workflow, there is a distraction waiting to interrupt it. Even worse, without the proper training these potentially useful tools can be the distractions slowing you down.

With an emphasis on planning, focusing your priorities, controlling your time, and increasing your productivity, WorkingSm@rt in the 21st Century will help you integrate the tools and processes you need to optimally succeed in the modern professional environment.


On completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Consistently focus on priorities – turn intention into actions
  • Overcome barriers to achievement
  • Commit to values and goals
  • Manage time, tasks, and activities
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce stress and improve work/life-balance

Intended Audience

This workshop is designed for teams and individuals who understand the direction of their business and whose performance is measured by their ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities, follow-up on commitments, communicate and delegate effectively, and use an organised process.

The WorkingSm@rt Method

WorkingSm@rt is a practical combination of behavior changing methods, best practice process and planning and using world class tools to transform the way you work.

Administer your day more efficiently by finding balance, properly prioritizing work and reaching goals. Gain more time to focus on areas important to you and your organization.

The WorkingSm@rt method is easily applied and sustained, proving lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and organizations alike.

Session Information

  • A 1/2-day facilitator-led sessions where participants create a plan for achieving key business objectives
  • Optional follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available, as is Webinar training


Unit 1: Defining your Work/Life Roles and Priorities

  • Clarifying and identifying your many roles and responsibilities
  • Learning how to make better selections on where to spend your time
  • Avoiding the trap of “busy work” so you have more time for your priorities

Unit 2: Establishing SMART Goals and Objectives

  • Understanding the Priority Workflow model and setting up best practice goals and objectives for the year, month and week
  • Overcoming barriers, both internal and external, to success
  • Learning about the productivity formula
  • Exploring the 4D method for making smart choices

Unit 3: Planning and Managing your Activities

  • Getting rid of the ‘surrender behaviours’ that give control to others
  • Exploring the difference between operational and project work
  • Using your calendar as a principal place to plan and organise
  • Daily planning best actions

Unit 4: Acting on your Plans

  • Prioritising and organising tasks for focus and flexibility
  • Putting your learning to work on your chosen technology platform

Unit 5: Delivering and Communicating Outcomes and Results

  • Learning how to plan and manage communication
  • Honing email writing and best practice storage and removal
  • Delegating effectively
  • Using voicemail for best results

Unit 6: A Commitment to Action

  • Making a commitment to develop self-leadership skills
  • Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls in making change

Additional Materials

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual
  • Enrollment in our Monthly LearningLink Newsletter
  • Lifetime Support
  • A Free Follow-up 30-minute Coaching Session

Follow-up Coaching

There is a key difference between learning and knowing. Learning is the process of being taught the material while knowing is about internalizing and retaining it. If at any point after a session you feel the need for more support in knowing the lessons taught to you, a free 30-minute coaching session is available to you on request.