Whether you are working from home or an office, expertise with Outlook has become a necessity for the modern professional. The WorkingSm@rt using Outlook course streamlines aspects of communication, tasks, activities and planning to assist you in taking control of your workload and shifting your behaviours to find a Better Way to Work.

The WorkingSm@rt using Outlook – Mac training will deliver practical, hands-on experience to ensure you absorb proven techniques for life-long implementation.


  • 1 full day or
  • 2 three hour sessions over two days
  • Online format: Led by trained facilitator

The WorkingSm@rt Method

WorkingSm@rt is a practical combination of behavior changing methods, best practice process and planning, and using world class tools to transform the way you work.

Administer your day more efficiently by finding balance, properly prioritizing your work and reaching your goals. Gain more time to focus on areas important to you and your organization.

The WorkingSm@rt method is easily applied and sustained, proving lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and organizations alike.


  • Establish a daily plan for achieving goals
  • Focus on areas of greatest return
  • Gain control of your inbox and email
  • Improve communications
  • Manage your time, tasks, and activities
  • Use Outlook Mac with a ‘business planning’ approach


Intended Audience

This course is beneficial for any employee who uses the Microsoft Outlook software on a Mac device. Administrators, executive assistants, managers, sales professionals, directors and CEOs will all see measurable improvements in their productivity by optimizing this powerful software.

Session Information

  • 1-day facilitator-led session or
  • Two 3-hour web-based online classroom sessions
  • Computer-based training session using Outlook
  • Follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available, as is Webinar training


Unit 1 – Being productive

  • The key elements needed to help you refine your organizational toolkit
  • Identifying the areas of work that add the greatest value
  • Understanding prioritization
  • With this ‘productivity platform’ in place, you’ll be in a better position to recognise and manage distractions and interruptions, thereby improving your time management.

Unit 2 – Setting yourself up to work smart

  • Exploring the full power of the Microsoft Outlook ‘toolbox’
  • Setting up the components that will see you working smarter, with more focus
  • Increasing productivity and eliminating unhelpful habits

Unit 3 – Manage your email effectively

  • Taking control of your emails through Microsoft Outlook
  • Managing and prioritising emails for improved productivity
  • Filing and finding your mail
  • Sticking to your priorities regardless of the volume of email traffic

Unit 4 – Managing commitments to enable a sense of achievement

  • The importance of the Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of “planning fallacy”

Unit 5 – Better results via effective communication and delegation

  • Learning how to plan, capture and follow up on important communications and delegations.

Unit 6 – Priority Planning for Results

  • Discovering how the planning process works for you
  • Becoming more strategic in your daily choices
  • Developing consistency – and a sense of accomplishment

Additional Materials

  • A comprehensive learning guide
  • Lifetime support
  • A free follow-up 30-minute coaching session
  • Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink

Follow-up Coaching

There is a key difference between learning and knowing. Learning is the process of being taught the material while knowing is about internalizing and retaining it. If at any point after a session you feel the need for more support in knowing the lessons taught to you, a free 30-minute coaching session is available to you on request.