We Provide World Class Professional Development Training.

Customized-for-you corporate training and coaching

  • We focus on team collaboration, productivity improvement, and leadership development.
  • We listen, really listen, to understand your concerns.
  • Then we create training solutions that fit your specific needs.

Live online and in-person workshops, led by trained business consultants

  • We believe that real-time interaction with a live facilitator, supported by technology, creates the best learning environment.

Follow up coaching and lifetime support

  • We believe learning never ends, so neither does our support.

Proven track record in training excellence

  • We create impactful learning and development solutions to leverage change management.
  • We bring over 30 years of experience, training over 50,000 in Atlantic Canada.

Facilitator Engaged in Corporate Training

Training Programs

Workload and Time Management Skills

Master the tools, like Outlook, to work more effectively.

Time Management

Selling and Negotiating

Manage the sales process: leads, negotiating, and ongoing client care.

Selling and Negotiating

Leadership Training And Development

How to plan and manage key priorities, in rapidly changing times.

Leadership Development

Project Management

Managing projects and using tools for project management.

Project Management

Customer Service Training

Planning and delivering customer service, for long-term customer loyalty.

Customer Service

Operational Consulting and Strategic Planning

Big picture planning and management processes.

Strategic Planning

We’ve Been Helping Teams Like Yours Since 1984

Our team of certified facilitators and coaches bring independent expertise to help identify gaps, guide the discussion, and develop solutions.  With over 40 years combined of training teams like yours, you can be confident that your training investment will generate a solid return.

We love what we do – helping businesses and their people improve.  Learning is a life-long experience and finding new ways to work isn’t always easy.  Our technology is changing so quickly, we need to learn a better way to work to stay relevant and engaged ensuring our success.

Who Are We?

We are a Canadian-based, training organization with a strong network across the globe. Our training is based on best practices, internationally recognized, and constantly updated.

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Our Clients

Charm Diamond Centre
Cox and Palmer
Government of Canada
Halifax Partnership
Nova Scotia Health
Government of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Power
Cooke Insurance