We market and advertise our products and services using the following methods: 

  • Social networking: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google.
  • E-newsletter “Learning Link” sent from Canadian corporate offices of Priority Management
  • E-newsletter “Productivity Pointers’ sent from Halifax office
  • Multi-page workshop booklet
  • Individual Course Outlines
  • Course referrals. Word of mouth
  • Networking events 
  • Industry magazines
  • Business Chamber e-newsletters
  • Blog posts

Electronic marketing generally consists of information articles that educate readers on the issues in business related to time management, planning and organizational skills, project management and strategic planning skills, sales skills.

Direct course advertising essentially consists of course outlines and/or multi-page booklet distributed to potential clients at meetings or events. 

We have a website, https://prioritydevelopment.ca on which we advertise all dates for public courses (those to which the general public are invited, as opposed to inhouse, private workshops within companies). This website also includes the blog, course descriptions and links to other course outlines.