Performance management is the process of ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization’s goals in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management can focus on the performance of an organization, a department, an employee, or the processes in place to manage tasks. 

We all have it and need to do it and few people like it. 

Priority Learning and Development can help improve the effectiveness of your business or organization’s Performance Management system. We provide customized learning and implementation solutions that allow you and your managers to develop the skills to give great feedback and coaching to their team players as they execute your performance management process.  We want to motivate your managers to WANT to talk to their people as well as give them the skills to give great feedback and coaching in different situations.

We can consult and advise on the principles and techniques necessary for your performance management engagement process and help managers build and execute a realistic action plan aligned with your unique processes. 

At the highest level your Performance Management process should:

  • Define Expectations. Your managers can’t define their expectations if they don’t understand yours.
  • Be built on Regular Reviews. Most managers believe that they should hold reviews yearly.
  • Be Engaging Conversations. Did you know that 46% of people leave meetings with no idea of what they are supposed to do next?
  • Provide some form of Rating Scales. Most performance reviews have rating scales attached.
  • Emphasize and Focus on the Positives. There’s an old performance management technique known as the “feedback sandwich, you may have heard of it. It’s rubbish!.
  • Review Your Reviewers. You are responsible for reviewing the performance of your managers

Listed below are the critical aspects of our training program to help you consider the benefits for your leadership or management team.

This session is intended as a full day interactive and engaging learning experience.  

The learning objectives are met using presentations, facilitated discussions along with individual, small group activities and large group discussions to engage participants in developing a realistic plan to execute their performance discussion. 

Our approach is customized to your organization’s Performance Management process, organizational policies, and subsequent performance management forms.  

In our frontline manager learning solutions your managers learn how best to communicate and manage performance expectations and engage their team members in their own development.

As a result, your people will leave the session with specific deadlines for each step of the performance management cycle. 

This session encourages application of the skills learned back in the workplace by providing an opportunity for action planning and coaching with our team to further develop their understanding and execution of your performance management process. 

Further sessions are available and focused on:

  • Planning for Performance Discussions
  • Clarifying Performance Expectations
  • Correcting Performance Problems
  • Conducting Performance Reviews

By ensuring your performance management process is understood and by supporting the development of your manager’s knowledge and skills and organization’s Performance Management processes, you are improving the effectiveness of your Team to achieve your organizational goals.

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