Business Consultants

Tonya Lundrigan

Priority CEO

About Our Leader, Tonya Lundrigan

Tonya is the beating heart of Priority Learning and Development; the engine that drives the organization forward. Always seeking a better way to do things, Tonya is not one to settle for ‘good enough’ when a better option exists. This ‘never settle for second best’ mindset is the origin of Priority Learning and Development’s dedication to our clients.

Tonya is passionate about helping others achieve more in their lives, professionally and at home, by providing a new way to work that saves time, creates efficiency, and increases productivity. She has a wealth of experience in Change Management, Project Management, Strategic and Operational Planning, Process Facilitation, and Process Improvement. At Priority Learning and Development, Tonya and her team help individuals and organizations find better ways to work, maximizing the tools and resources they already have.

Tonya’s methods are fresh, creative, and innovative. She is skilled in initiating meaningful, collaborative conversations that result in action, and she has a keen ability to lead and motivate others. Tonya has been supporting private, public and non-profit organizations for over 20 years.

Tonya provides consultation and facilitation in the following areas:

  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Customer Service Systems
  • 360/Psychometric Assessments (MBTI, Disc)
  • Organizational Design & Development
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Training & Curriculum/Content Development
  • High-Preforming Leadership Development
  • Board Training & Development
  • Change Management Practices and Processes
  • All of our Priority Management WorkingSm@rt Programs

Tonya is certified in the following areas:

  • IAF Certified Process Facilitator
  • Canadian Professional Sales Association – Sales Professional
  • PROSCI Change Management Process
  • Achieve Global Certified Facilitator
  • Hay Group Performance Competency Certified Coach

Gayle Rees

Training Coordinator

About Our Training Coordinator, Gayle Rees

Dariel Green


About Our Facilitator, Dariel Green

Dariel is the best kind of educator—a life-long student looking to share over 20 years of experience in instruction, support, facilitation and coaching.

Dariel has worked with a broad variety of people in public, private and not-for-profit sectors across a wide range of organizations and on more than one continent. She is a creative thinker, a strong communicator and has a razor-sharp focus on setting up clients and customers for long-term success.

Using her experience and passion, Dariel delivers our WorkingSm@rt with Outlook, WorkingSm@rt with OneNote, and WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Teams workshops while always keeping the overarching goal of Priority Learning and Development in mind: Helping you find a Better Way to Work.

With her strong ability to connect with people, and her knowledge of Microsoft Tools, Dariel is well suited for delivery of the WorkingSm@rt series of workshops. Dariel also spends a great deal of her time coaching clients to develop their personal workflow and processes. Dariel facilitates our WorkingSm@rt with Outlook, WorkingSm@rt with OneNote and WorkingSm@rt with TEAMs workshops.

Dariel has achieved her WorkingSm@rt Facilitator and Coach designation.

Cindy Fulton

Cindy Fulton


About Our Facilitator, Cindy Fulton

For over a decade Cindy has immersed herself in the processes and programs of Priority Management. This experience, along with her tenacity, flexibility, and leadership, has ensured both her success in the professional training and coaching industry, as well as an enduring passion for helping others better themselves.

Constantly seeking ways to improve herself has allowed Cindy to gather a diverse field of skills and competencies. The ability to learn on the fly, professional levels of communication abilities, excellent leadership, and strong interpersonal awareness are just a few of the skills that have helped Cindy succeed in the fast-paced and competitive business industry.

A champion of e-learning and technology, Cindy has embraced innovation, delivering our workshops with passion only matched by her deep well of knowledge. Cindy is fully certified to facilitate all Priority Management WorkingSm@rt programs.

Cindy facilitates the following workshops

  • Working Sm@rt with Microsoft Outlook
  • Working Sm@rt in Meetings
  • Working Sm@rt 365
  • Working Sm@rt with MS OneNote
  • Working Sm@rt in the 21st Century
  • Working Sm@rt with iPhone/iPad
  • Working Sm@rt using Teams

Cindy is certified as a WorkingSm@rt Facilitator and Coach and is proficient in all of our WorkingSm@rt series workshops.

Stéphanie Maillet


About Our Facilitator, Stéphanie Maillet

Stéphanie Maillet is an experienced consultant, public speaker, corporate trainer, and scientist-practitioner. As a work and organizational psychologist, Stephanie is equipped with updated research and management methodologies as well as specialized knowledge in human capital process improvements.

Throughout her career, Stéphanie has offered a wide scope of services, including work climate assessments, workplace training and development, organizational development and change management, leadership coaching, strategic HR planning, and talent management.

Stéphanie helps clients from varied sectors and industries across Canada to adapt and thrive in today’s challenging workplaces. She is known for her ability to connect authentically with clients to understand their current workplace realities – its vision, mission, values, and strategic orientations; its strengths, challenges, opportunities, and resources. She is a strong listener and skilled communicator who offers data-driven and practical solutions to maximize human capital performance.

Stéphanie is a native of the city of Moncton, Nouveau-Brunswick. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Université de Moncton (New-Brunswick) as well as a doctorate in work & organizational psychology from the Université de Sherbrooke (Quebec).

Stéphanie is a certified WorkingSm@rt Facilitator and Coach and delivers our Effic@ce à l’aide de Microsoft Outlook and Effic@ce à l’aide de OneNote programs along with other programs, coaching and consultations.