Duration: 1 day

Training Overview

Often, the most challenging part of project management is the fact that rarely is there ever only one project happening at a tome. Microsoft Project allows you to manage the complexities of multiple projects happening simultaneously efficiently and effectively.

The WorkingSm@rt with Microsoft Project workshop will allow you to carry out multiple project execution plans accurately and effectively using common resource pools and external dependencies. Additionally, completion of this workshop ensures competency in the reporting and updating aspect of Microsoft Project.


On completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Immediately improve the application of MS Project to your own project workload
  • Allocate and share resources, and resolve conflicts among them
  • Produce reports of value, both in standard and customized formats
  • Accurately monitor multiple projects through proven tracking and updating techniques

Intended Audience

Attendees of the Project Planning Breakthroughs program who are responsible for monitoring the execution of a project and/or have multiple projects to administer.


  • Completed our Project Planning Breakthroughs program
  • Comfortable with Windows operating system
  • Familiarity with MS Project, or at least MS Excel, is recommended

Session Information

  • 1-day facilitator-led session
  • Optional follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available, as is Webinar training


Unit 1 – Setup

  • Creating a customized view

Unit 2 – Master Project

  • Creating a Master Project List for resource sharing, aggregated tracking and reporting

Unit 3 – New Projects

  • Adjusting Microsoft Project option settings to increase data accuracy and management
  • Learning how to connect to a shared resource pool
  • Refresher: setting up a project file
  • The Data Input Process and potential ramifications of poor project data entry
  • Utilising the Master Project List to produce reports and to track the progress of multiple projects thought the software

Additional Materials

  • A comprehensive learning guide
  • Lifetime support
  • A free follow-up 30-minute coaching session
  • Optional Enrollment in our monthly newsletter

Follow-up Coaching

There is a key difference between learning and knowing. Learning is the process of being taught the material while knowing is about internalizing and retaining it. If at any point after a session you feel the need for more support in knowing the lessons taught to you, a free 30-minute coaching session is available to you on request.