Training Overview

A sale isn’t over until your client knows the solution to their business problem is you. The Selling Breakthroughs workshop is designed to help your organization bring the consumer to this mindset.

This workshop will help you identify what, why, how and when your audience wants to buy; you will learn the processes of both buyer and seller simultaneously to understand what sales skills and behaviors will match the buyer’s situation; and you will understand how to use your expertise to influence outcomes and meet both the buyer’s and your own needs.


  • 1 full day


On completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Accurately assess customer needs and establish needs awareness
  • Present solutions based upon priority and big picture needs, not products or services
  • Use the buyer’s motivations for increased focus and creating opportunities
  • Communicate as a problem-solver and a trusted partner
  • Develop professional, long-lasting business-to-business relationship

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended designed to benefit any member of your organization that takes part in the selling process.

Session Information

  • A highly interactive 3-day workshop
  • Optional follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available, as is Webinar training


Unit 1: An Overview of the Selling – Buying Process
In this overview unit we examine the process and stages that a buyer moves through in any buying situation. This enables us to appreciate the skills and behaviors required by the salesperson to support the buyer throughout the process.

Unit 2: Need – Establishing Buyers’ Needs and Need Awareness
The foundation of any sale and worthwhile relationship requires a clear understanding of the buyer’s real needs – their situation, problems and opportunities. In this unit you will learn the importance of first impressions, and how to use appropriate selling and interpersonal behaviors to achieve strong and positive relationships. You will enhance your questioning skills to obtain appropriate facts and information, and to get confirmation, agreement and commitment.

Unit 3: Priority – Activating Needs to Priority
This stage is the vital link between establishing needs and presenting a solution. We explore general and specific buying motives, and identify and establish the individual motivations and drives of our buyers. You will learn specific questioning skills that focus the buyer on their real situation, and help them clarify those needs that are priorities for them. You will become comfortable challenging the status quo.

Unit 4: Solution – Presenting a Business Case Solution
This unit is designed to move you towards mastery of presenting a business case that meets the buyer’s specific product and service needs, demonstrates value, and is based on positive relationships. You will further enhance your questioning and listening skills. You will learn how to prepare generic and client specific product and service analyses, based on a complete understanding of features, advantages, benefits and end results. You will prepare a value-based solution, with a documented value-added package, that effectively differentiates your solution. You will learn how to deal with various forms of resistance, including “price” issues, and positively sell on value and relationship factors.

Unit 5: Implement – Closing and Implementing
Through an understanding of buying signals, stress and risk assessment, and closing techniques, you will learn how to support the buyer to implement their solution choice. Preparation of a checklist and plan will ensure both parties commit to and complete full implementation.

Unit 6: Relationship – Cementing the Relationship and Managing Expectations
This unit looks at our customers in terms of importance and worth to help us better allocate our time. Development of an expectation feedback system helps us monitor and evaluate results against expectations. Proactive follow-up will ensure an ongoing relationship based on trust and credibility.

Additional Materials

  • A comprehensive learning guide
  • A pre- and post-workshop skills assessment
  • Lifetime support
  • A free follow-up 30-minute coaching session
  • Optional Enrollment in our monthly newsletter

Follow-up Coaching

There is a key difference between learning and knowing. Learning is the process of being taught the material while knowing is about internalizing and retaining it. If at any point after a session you feel the need for more support in knowing the lessons taught to you, a free 30-minute coaching session is available to you on request.