WorkingSm@rt in Meetings is a powerful hands-on workshop designed to give you a practical process to get better results and higher satisfaction from meetings.

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Workshop Overview

WorkingSm@rt in Meetings is a powerful hands-on workshop designed to give participants a practical process to get better results and higher satisfaction from meetings. It combines information from the latest meetings research with ample opportunity for participant exercises and sharing of ideas. Structured activities and examples give participants a chance to practice new behaviors as they learn.

With meetings being a staple part of any healthy team, why then do they sometimes feel stale and leave team members no better than where they were beforehand? This happens when meetings become part of a routine and not a process. The same way brushing your teeth in the morning is simply something one does, meetings can become something teams just do, lacking any real purpose driving them.

WorkingSm@rt in Meetings will help free attendees of this thinking and highlight the processes and tools needed to make any meeting a success.

Workshop Information

  • Two 2-hour online sessions
  • Live interactive sessions led by trained facilitator
  • Follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Lifetime Support

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Working Smart in Meetings


On completion of this training, you should be able to:

  • Apply a proven planning process to meetings
  • Design an effective agenda to increase accountability
  • Run a meeting with a Bias for Action
  • Know precisely how to prepare to attend a meeting
  • Know how to keep a meeting on track
  • Avoid the common pitfalls
  • Use a quick yet effective process for evaluating meetings

Intended Audience

This course is most effective for executives, managers, team and project leaders, and anyone whose calendar requires that they attend many meetings and want to be a part of improving organizational effectiveness.

The WorkingSm@rt Method

WorkingSm@rt is a practical combination of behavior changing methods, best practice process and planning and using world class tools to transform the way you work.
Administer your day more efficiently by finding balance, properly prioritizing work and reaching goals. Gain more time to focus on areas important to you and your organization.
The WorkingSm@rt method is easily applied and sustained, proving lifelong benefits to individuals, teams and organizations alike.

Session Information

  • Half-day facilitator-led session or multiple 3-hour web-based online classroom sessions
  • Optional follow up Coaching Session to reinforce learning
  • Customised options for shorter in-house training are also available, as is Webinar training


In this unit we will discuss the Meeting Maddeners, the challenges and solutions that can be put in place to ensure the organization is Meeting Sm@rt.

Unit 1: The Four Phases for WorkingSm@rt in Meetings
In this first unit we will look at the four fundamental phases of any meeting which leads to the highest ROI possible.

Unit 2: Pre-meeting Requirements
You will gain an appreciation of what it takes to prepare effectively for any meeting, whether as the chairperson or as a participant.

Unit 3: Constructing the Agenda
Priority Management will show you the four key areas to address when constructing an agenda that ensures the meeting will be on time, on track, and on purpose.

Unit 4: During the Meeting
Priority Management will show you how to master the execution of your now well-planned meeting. Meetings will become an effective two-way communication vehicle that ensures alignment and a bias for action.

Unit 5: After the Meeting
You will learn the best way to ensure that the meeting outcomes become activity inputs for participants of the meeting as well as how to ensure effective follow-up.

Additional Materials

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual
  • Electronic Meeting Tools
  • Enrollment in our Monthly LearningLink Newsletter
  • Lifetime Support
  • A Free Follow-up 30-minute Coaching Session

Follow-up Coaching

There is a key difference between learning and knowing. Learning is the process of being taught the material while knowing is about internalizing and retaining it. If at any point after a session you feel the need for more support in knowing the lessons taught to you, a free 30-minute coaching session is available to you on request.

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